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Finding Aids

  1. American Neurological Association. Records
  2. Atomic Scientists. Miscellaneous Records
  3. Atomic Scientists' Printed and Near-Print Material. Records
  4. Braxton, Anthony. Collection
  5. Brownlow, Louis. Diaries
  6. Campbell, Wilbur and Valarie. Collection
  7. Cappon, Alexander Patterson. Papers
  8. Charles R. Walgreen Foundation. Records
  9. Chicago Citizens Police Committee. Records
  10. Chicago Civil Service League. Records
  11. Chicago Heart Association. Records
  12. Chicago Laryngological and Ontological Society. Records
  13. Chicago Neurological Society. Records
  14. Chicago Pediatric Society. Records
  15. Chicago Psychological Association. Records
  16. Chicago School of Civics and Philanthropy. Records
  17. Civic Disarmament Committee for Handgun Control. Records
  18. Clark, E. Payson., Jr. Papers
  19. Cleaner Air Committee of Hyde Park-Kenwood. Records
  20. Coggeshalll, Lowell T., Papers
  21. Commission on Freedom of the Press. Records
  22. Danner, Margaret. Papers
  23. Davis, Allison. Papers
  24. Deems, Barrett. Papers
  25. Elliott, William I. Papers
  26. Elmer, Manuel Conrad. Papers
  27. Emil Schwarzhaupt Foundation. Papers
  28. Feeney, Jim. Collection
  29. Fight for Freedom Committee. Records
  30. Grzeca, Dan. Collection
  31. Hayner, Norman S.. Papers
  32. Hektoen, Ludvig. Papers
  33. Herrick, James Brian. Papers
  34. Hess, Julius Hays. Papers
  35. Hilliard, Thomas. Papers
  36. Hogness, Thorfin R. Papers.
  37. Holmes, Bayard Taylor. Papers
  38. Howell, Standley. Collection
  39. Hughes, George Warner, Jr. Collection
  40. Illinois Joint Committee for the Merit System in Civil Service Records
  41. Illinois Society for Medical Research. Records
  42. Jackson, Franz. Papers
  43. Jacobs, Phoebe. Papers
  44. James, Stafford. Collection
  45. Jazz Institute of Chicago. Crilly, Edgar. Collection
  46. Jazz Institute of Chicago. DeMicheal, Don. Papers
  47. Jazz Institute of Chicago. Figi, Jamil. Papers
  48. Jazz Institute of Chicago. Gillis, Frank. Collection
  49. Jazz Institute of Chicago. Granato, Jimmy. Collection
  50. Jazz Institute of Chicago. Martin, Terry. Papers
  51. Jazz Institute of Chicago. Peck, Robert. Collection
  52. Jazz Institute of Chicago. Records
  53. Jazz Institute of Chicago. Sheet Music. Collection
  54. Jazz Piano Song Sheet. Collection
  55. Jazz Sheet Music. Collection
  56. Jazz Textile. Collection
  57. Klutznick, Philip M. Papers
  58. Koester, Bob. Collection
  59. Lang, Harvey. Collection
  60. Lewis, Leon. Papers
  61. Lowitz, Leza. Papers
  62. Luckhardt, Arno B. Papers
  63. Manning, Richard. Band. Collection
  64. McLean, Franklin C. Papers
  65. McPartland, Jimmy and Marian. Collection
  66. Merriam, Robert E. Papers
  67. Mills, Ralph J., Jr. Papers
  68. Montgomery, Mike. Collection
  69. Native American Educational Services. American Indian Chicago Conference. Records
  70. Native American Educational Services. Chicago Community Agencies. Records
  71. Poetry Center of Chicago. Records
  72. Ray, David. Papers
  73. Richards, Bob. Productions. Collection
  74. Rompon, Peter. Collection
  75. Rosenwald, Julius. Papers
  76. Rush, Joseph H. Papers
  77. Schilling, George A., Papers
  78. Slotin, Louis Memorial Fund. Records
  79. Spink, George. Collection
  80. Squibb, Francis P. Papers
  81. Stiernberg, Ed. Collection
  82. Stroud, Drew McCord (Ryu Makoto). Papers
  83. Test, Francis W. Papers
  84. Thoma, George F. Collection
  85. University of Chicago. Library. Chicago Jazz Archive. Exhibits. Records
  86. Urey, Harold C. Papers
  87. Veterinary Medicine. Records
  88. Walton, Charles. Collection
  89. Washington Association of Scientists. Records
  90. Weeks, Charles Bryant Frederick. Papers
  91. Wilkening, Marvin. Papers
  92. Zuccarello, Paul. Collection